• The Confederate Monument

      (The information presented here is found in the book titled, "Historic Southern Monuments: Representative Memorials of the Heroic Dead of the Southern Confederacy" published in 1911. It was compiled by Mrs. B. A. Emerson. It is available online in electronic form.)


      I will not go so far as to simply reprint here what you can see in its original format. The article linked above is worth the look if nothing more than to get a glimpse of the surroundings in 1905. You can see the old courthouse that burned and was rebuilt in 1911 as well as part of the south side of the square where there is a new hardware store recently built. (A fire had destroyed the previous buildings a couple of years earlier.) The smokestack in the background, is the power plant that supplied Dyersburg with electricity until they switched to TVA system.

      Note that, in the book, Jeff Davis is listed as being present for the dedication of the monument. This is no relation to the President of the CSA, Jefferson Davis other than his father named him after the more famous Davis.